Lisa Lavie

I must say your rendition on The Earth Song broughtme to tears...your voice is quite astounding. For such a young woman...where do you draw your emotions from?

Lisa Lavie responded on 02/04/2011

Thanks a lot. So appreciate it! That song is an incredible song and honestly I was really emotional during that song... I had just come back from visiting the Neverland ranch and I was emotionally drained, The camera crews were all over the place, there were thousands of people visiting the ranch, Singing, Dancing, celebrating Michael's life and I went directly to the studio thereafter to record this song. It took me about 8 takes before ending up with this one. I had to stop quite a few times because I couldn't compose myself. I'm so happy you felt it! :)
I think when lyrics hit you it's so much easier to feel and draw emotions Thanks 4 ur support. More music on the way!

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