Lisa Lavie

On your tour with the composer and pianist Yanni, you probably passed through a lot of cities where you wished you had more time to explore. Which cities have your grown fond of and would love to return to on your own tour, once your crowd-funded album gets released? (Thank You!)

Lisa Lavie responded on 01/28/2016

Hey! :) Thanks for your question.. There are sooo many cities that I've gone to that I wish I had more time. I absolutely loved Greece and although I had a few days of exploring in Greece, I still wish that I had more time hahah! I think there are too many cities to mention on here. :P ... I'm getting ready to go back out on tour with Yanni in 3 days. It's going to be a US/CANADA tour. Really looking forward to it. I plan on doing a little more exploring. Thanks for your question

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